UPDATE!! Due to expected inclement weather,

the River Sprouts Garden Party will now take place at the ROCKY RIVER SENIOR CENTER and GARDEN on Sunday, May 28th at 5:00. Guests should enter by way of the garden on the west side of the building. See you there!

Rocky River Kids working to build a greenhouse & grow fresh produce to help feed area families.

The River Sprouts leadership board has been working hard writing grants - all by themselves - to raise that last bit that is needed to break ground on the greenhouse this spring/summer. Yesterday the Rotary Club awarded River Sprouts $500! Thank you, Mark Bacon and the Rotary Club!

“River Sprouts Inc.” (RSI) is an Ohio non-profit corporation (see certificate attached) that has been determined to be a 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS (see letter attached). Its stated purposes are to include “acquiring, constructing, installing, maintaining and managing a greenhouse within the City of Rocky River, Ohio, to support those in need”. 

​Although the kids are running the show, the adults on the Board of Directors are

Karen Weger (Treasurer), Martha Taylor (Secretary), and myself (Chair and President). A bank account has been established with Fifth Third Bank.

A bit of history . . . Samantha came up with this idea in 2014 and decided to send a letter to Mayor Bobst. The Mayor then reached out to Samantha, met with her, and provided enthusiastic support for the project and suggested making certain connections with community organizations (such as the existing Community Garden and the Rocky River Assistance Program).

Samantha applied for and received a grant for the project from the Rocky River Women’s Club in the Spring of 2015. After the “adult stuff” got taken care of (with Samantha sitting in the “client’s chair” at my law firm, in front of my corporate and tax partners), Samantha met with the Mayor, the City Law Director, the Public Safety Service Director, and the leader of Rocky River’s Community Garden. This essentially provided RSI the green light to move forward with the next step – fundraising.

The greenhouse would probably be located on City property behind the Senior Center and near the existing community garden. The nature and scope of the greenhouse will depend on the dollars raised. RSI is working with an area greenhouse consultant on plans.

​Please consider supporting the River Sprouts project with dollars, supplemental ideas and connections, offers to volunteer, offers to donate goods and materials at cost, leads on grants, and anything else you can think of to make this project the best and most exciting it can be. Checks may be written to “River Sprouts Inc.” and sent to Karen Weger, Treasurer, at 21150 Kenwood Avenue, Rocky River, OH 44116. Please contact us with any comments and suggestions.

For those considering donating money, please know that, in the future, we may be holding a fundraiser, and we might consider recognitions for significant gifts. If we do, we will let contributors know so that they may have the opportunity to apply their previous donations toward these recognition thresholds.

​Oh, and to provide a little incentive, a donor couple will be matching the first $5,000 of contributions that come in!


- Samantha’s Dad (Rick Manoloff)





Hi! My name is Samantha Manoloff and I am trying to raise money for River Sprouts, an organization that is trying to help people in the community who are having trouble getting food.

We will help them by growing fresh produce in a greenhouse and giving it to them. Members of River Sprouts are volunteer kids who will work with seniors and other grownups to make this happen.

We have already raised $13,875, which is AMAZING! Thanks SO MUCH to those who have donated money!

I’d like to thank Mayor Bobst and the Rocky River Women’s Club for supporting my project. I hope that River Sprouts Inc. will blossom and help our community in so many ways.




Here is a picture of me with a plant that shows how much money we now have, and how much we still need:

I Had This Idea …

(And now it's growing!)

River Sprouts!